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Conserving Spaces, Places, and Species

  • Historic Structures: Refinishing & Restoration

  • Specializing in Bat Removal & Exclusion

Hand Done

We take pride in performing our work 100% by hand for an authentic and unique finish 


We began in Coeur d'Alene Idaho, and continue to serve the greater Pacific Northwest area.


Staining and coating is crucial to the health, longevity, and appearance of logs. Appropriate care will result in a properly preserved structure for years to come



Chinking is extremely important for sealing the logs and making them as efficient as possible. This also provides a beautiful and complete appearance to the structure. 

NWCS specializes in historic structures and wooden siding, i.e., repair, replacement, refinishing. Our team has years of experience restoring historic log cabins, as well as repairing and maintaining newer structures, too. Our work doesn't stop with historic log structures—we work in all aspects of general contracting! 

Idaho: 208-254-0211

Montana: 406-209-9905

Bats have very important roles and are crucial to the biology and ecosystem in our area. We conserve, study, and teach what we can about these mammals. Our main work is performing exclusions on residential and commercial structures having issues with bats inside. Whether the creatures are in the living quarters or within the structure walls or roof, we safely remove all bats and seal up all entry points. 

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